Snapchat users can now receive notifications silently. The app’s “Do Not Disturb” feature can mute notifications from an individual and group of people. Snap has rolled out the feature a few weeks sans any announcement from the company.


Snapchat users can now mute push notifications


Snap’s Do Not Disturb feature is similar to other tools found in Facebook Messenger and iMessage. The Do Not Disturb feature is the answer that some Snapchat users are looking for. There are Snapchat users who are against push notifications in the app.


Many Snapchat users welcomed the app’s “Do Not Disturb” feature. By turning off all the notifications, they said they become more productive in their work. Also, this option may encourage them to check the app regularly since push notifications are muted.


Although the company did not make any announcement about its new feature, its timing is perfect nonetheless. Snapchat’s new Do Not Disturb comes at a time when tech users are talking about mobile addiction.


Just this week, social media giant Facebook said that it would update its social media app platform to address smartphone addiction. While Cupertino-based tech giant Apple has earlier vowed that it would bring some new features and tools to its platform.


The company said that both the features and tools that would eventually address the issue of mobile addiction among children. Snap’s new feature could possible the company’s direct response. But the public has yet to see how it would actually impact Snapchat users when they use the app.