Sending Message Using Alexa on Android Phones is now possible!


Yes! You heard it right!

Sending messages using Alexa is fast, hassle-free and easy but you also must have an Android phone to start with.

Amazon’s friendly virtual assistant, Alexa, can now send messages although it already has a feature to make calls. Users can ask Alexa to send a message to anyone and it will figure out where or how to send it. It may use the previously released Alexa messaging program. Or if the person doesn’t have an Amazon-powered device, it will send the message through SMS. The downside here is that this feature is only available for Android users as of now.

Alexa already has this feature before but it was only available for people who have Alexa-powered devices. This new skill came just few months after the release of Echo Connect which you can purchase for only $34.99. This device was built to ask Alexa to make a call and turn the Echo into a hands-free speakerphone. It has an ability to make calls over landlines or voice over IP.

To add more spice, the Echo Show, an Alexa-powered device also have the ability to do video calls as well. Amazon’s really doing things right! This new innovation is giving us so much time to do more tasks than staying on the phone and talk for hours. Now you can do both!

Setting up Alexa’s messaging feature.

In setting up Alexa to start sending messages, open the Alexa app and select “contacts” within the conversations tab. Then select “my profile” and enable the message feature.

Earlier this month, Amazon announced a new voice control skill for the Alexa app on Android phones. It gives you an amazing experience to interact with people with the help of the virtual assistant Alexa. Users can ask Alexa questions and access features like music, smart and home, skills, news, weather and so much more.

Though the company doesn’t have a word regarding the launching for this new skill to iOS, expect to have it soon. Amazon really has a lot in store for us!