New iOS 11 Bug Causes iPhone To Crash


New bug from iOS 11 causes iPhone to crash and blocks access to messages and Whatsapp

The new iOS 11 bug has been reported by users that causes their iPhone to crash. As well as, block access to your Messages app. That also includes third-party apps like Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Outlook, Twitter and WhatsApp. The bug takes effect when a particular Telugu character is received or even just pasted into a text area. Reportedly, it can lead to the app being frozen or worse, the operating system crashes.

Mobile World, an Italian blog, first noticed and spotted the bug. But this problem not only affects iOS devices but any Apple products including your watchOS and macOS.

The bug involves a particular Telugu character, as mentioned above. The problem occur when this character is sent to devices then Apple’s iOS Springboard crashes upon receiving the message. This reportedly happens when a user sends the symbol and iOS shows it as a notification. Also, if the character is received within an app, like WhatsApp, that particular app will crash. If you attempt to re-open the app again, it will just be pointless, according to the report.

In addition, inserting the character in any system text renderer like TextField, still leads to a crash.

The bug was also tested successfully on a iPhone models running iOS 11.2.5. But, the public beta version of iOS 11.3 is not yet affected. For now, let’s just expect a faster solution from the company in their upcoming iOS update.

This bug is just one of those reported iOS crashes due to a random character. Early this year, an iMessage bug called ‘chaiOS’ was discovered on iOS and macOS. The Messages app crashes due to a specific link received by users. A bug was also found last year due to some emojis. Wherein, if you send some emojis like a rainbow along with the other emojis, your iPhone totally crashes. Any iPhone variants running iOS 8 and above were affected by the bug.