Search giant Google has announced this week a major revamp on its branding. The search giant said that it would take the plunge with the Google Pay branding. This would mean that both Android Pay and Google Wallet brand names will be preserved.


And as part of Google’s radical shift, the company will be rolling out an updated look at the Google Pay app. Hence, Google users should be acquainted with using Google Pay app. But we know that it would take a while before Google user get used to the new name.


It can be recalled that Google Pay as a brand name surfaced at the turn of the year. Tech users eventually knew that Google would be implementing changes. From Android Pay, it now becomes Google Pay as the company said it is presently unifying the company’s payment branding.


Google Pay branding is starting to replace Android Pay in the app and on the web

If you will do a quick check, Android Pay’s website is now being directed to the Google Pay site. In fact, the company has released four new promotional videos on the YouTube. Google’s explainer videos cover several topics about the Android Pay.

Users would eventually learn how to transact safely using the payment platform. The videos also explain how and where users can use the app. They would also learn how to add a card using the app. Also, both the Android Pay and Google Wallet applications were rebranded respectively.

Google said that it would be rolling out an update to the app. However, the update will be distributed gradually across the globe. The app updates will be rolled out first in the U.S, and other regions would follow.