LG is planning to launch a new flagship smartphone. The company’s new smartphone is called Judy. The new phone will be launched in June, sources said.

Rumors have it that Judy will have high-end specifications and features. LG, however, did not reveal the exact name of the upcoming smartphone.


Judy marks the death of LG G7?


VentureBeat reported that LG’s upcoming smartphone would be called as the LG G7. This particular detail was revealed by Evan Blass, a reliable and a prolific leaker. What we know so far is that LG is planning to launch “Judy” in June.


Blass sourced his information from a person privy to LG’s plan. Based on the leaked details, LG’s new phone will have a new design and concept. This includes the information that LG’s Judy is expected to be 6.1-inch display smartphone. The company’s new phone will have a new screen panel called as the MLCD+ panel.


The reason why LG opted to have an MLCD+ panel because it consumes less power. The present LCD screens that the company is using consume a lot of power. And MLCD+ panel displays 800-nit brightness but consuming 35 percent of power only.


LG’s new phone features powerful specs and features. One of the leaked details is that Judy will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. Regarding specs, the phone will have either a 4 gigabytes of random access memory and 64 gigabytes of internal memory.


Also, LG’s new phone boasts its military-grade IP68 protection; it will have 16 MP dual rear cameras, a stereo speaker, wireless charging feature, among others.