Why Do Our Smartphones Slow Down Over Time?


It is acknowledged and we are very much aware that gadgets slow down due to old age. But the questions is, why? What is the reason that they keep on slowing down?

Why do gadgets slow down over time?

Let’s face it. Our laptops and smartphones don’t have the same “spring” from the first time that they were first taken out of the box.

So we might be thinking — what are the reason for this kind of slowing down?

Gadget slowdowns aren’t typically just the result of one cause but rather several contributing factors working together.

Both hardware and software can suffer, which is why a complete reset won’t necessarily solve all your speed issues.

Every time Apple, Microsoft, or Google push out a new OS update, it typically includes more powerful features and more powerful apps. At the same time, older and less efficient code can get overlooked and left behind.

Because of this, the gadget needs more power to keep up with the recent updates made.

It’s the same story with third-party apps too, as developers update their code to take advantage of newer hardware and tack on additional features—an extra instant messaging component here, a new AR filter there—while your hardware remains unchanged.

Before you level all the blame at software developers, you’re contributing to this yourself too. As you use phone apps and desktop applications, you add to their complexity with your user data, your settings preferences, your saved files, and so on.