Antisocial Media: Why Some People Choose To Cut Back on Using These Sites


Social Media sites has been and is continuously being a part of our daily routine. But why do some people choose to be antisocial media? Let’s find out.

Antisocial Media Peeps Tell Us Why They Cut Off From Social Media Sites

One user of Social Media Sites told her story and experience about being hooked with them. She mentioned that she hit rock bottom.

Going on a three-day Facebook binge, she just found herself in a gutter with her heart pounding. She thought she was going to die that time.

Since then, she knew that she needed to stop. Since that day, she became social media sober.

But seeing things in a different perspective, some may say that this is a joke. I mean, things just don’t work that way. Yes, we might say that we are social media addicts, but it is far from affecting our health seriously.

Social Media usage is not illegal. You can’t just use it everyday and say that you are experiencing over dosage.

Honestly saying, many of us don’t consider checking our social media accounts daily a bad habit.

I didn’t stop using social media sites, particularly Facebook. It helps me keep in touch with friends and family easier. Why stop something which helps me, right?