Samsung Galaxy S9 will be publicly unveiled on February 25. And there were many rumors that came out, suggesting the specs and features of the Galaxy S9. Now, comes another rumor about the phone’s color options.


Normally, Samsung is very selective when it comes to color options of their smartphones. Previous Galaxy models were having safe and neutral color tones like orchid gray, midnight black, and arctic silver.


Are we seeing Galaxy S9 in different color tones?


A listing of the Samsung Galaxy S9 cases, however, revealed new color options. These smartphone cases were made by Poetic Cases. The company said that the Galaxy S9 Plus cases are now available for preorder.


Based on the case maker’s listing, a vivid render of the Galaxy S9 showed what appeared to a silver and gray color tones. These color options are similar to last year’s Galaxy S8 smartphones.


Also, a video showing a Galaxy S9 render showed a dummy unit of Samsung’s device in black color option. This is contrary to an earlier speculation that the smartphone would be in silver and gray color options.


Apart from this, the Poetic Cases render also confirms other rumor that the S9 Plus could have a dual-camera set-up. The phone also showed what appeared to a fingerprint reader.


Both Samsung and Poetic Cases have yet to issue a statement confirming all these speculations. So, for the time being, Samsung users should take this information with a grain of salt. All these will remain speculation, unless otherwise, confirmed by Samsung and Poetic Cases.