The recent edition of This Week at Bungie has released specific information about Destiny 2’s upcoming Iron Banner Event. One of the details revealed was about the significant changes as to how Raid loot drops work. Fans of the popular game would be able to get an update on January 30.


Destiny 2: Masterwork Armor and Raid Reworks Revealed


And next week, gamers would be seeing major changes in Destiny. One of these changes is the Masterwork armor which would be rolled out as soon as possible.

This begs the question, how does Masterwork armor work? Destiny’s game developer, Bungie, said it has the same function as weapon counterparts.

But the developer stressed that each Legendary armor would have a small chance to drop as a Masterwork. This means that a player won’t be getting a bonus.


Also, players would get a three percent increase regarding damage resistance while Super is in active mode. When the player’s Super is active, the stacking to achieve a full Masterwork suit should reach 15 percent.

But Bungie said the update includes one essential element: Players can actually rework their Masterwork armor into a different stat package such as heavy, light or restorative.

So, if a player wants the most useful armor, Bungie suggested that it would be the “restorative armor” because of its recovery stat and could stay long in a fight.

Bungie said that it would grant more benefits to Masterwork armor. This can be achieved when it would roll out an update to the system in the future.