Avid fans of Capcom’s Monster Hunter Fans in the United Kingdom has something to celebrate about. This as the company is planning to stage a meat feast on January 25 to 28, at London’s Flat Iron Square. The event is actually Capcom’s presentation for the upcoming Monster Hunter: Word.


Capcom: The Monster Hunter Meat Shack


Capcom said that the glorious meat feast would be offered for free to the audience. The game developer has called that “The Monster Hunter Meat Shack”.” In the said game, the gamer will be eating a meal platters and foods with greater sizes. These meal platters were sourced from meat slip.


Aside from this, players can bring complimentary drinks and a hands-on demo of the popular video of Monster Hunter: About the marketing, Capcom said that it is laudable that some people is planning to participate in the event.


Capcom’s event will be decked out on the Monster Hunter aesthetic. There will be a second round off with plenty of memorabilia, including a giant Rathalos head outside.


Below is Capcom’s official statement describing the event.


“Our Father, The Monster Hunter Meat Shack sees diners share meat platters or burgers of epic Naglups naman diy proportions, served from a humungous meat spit, all for free while he experience mirrors that of the game, where players hunt giant and ferocious creatures before carving them up to create their armour gear or cook their findings on a BBQ to restore their health,” Capcom said.


“Diners will be able to wash their hearty meals down with a complimentary drink, as well as to get hands-on with a demo of Monster Hunter: World, with in-built gaming consoles at each table,” the company added.