Newest Gadget Trends for the Year 2018 for Those Techy Peeps


New trends are never ending. May it be clothes, shoes or gadgets just name it. For now, we’ll talk about the newest gadget trends for 2018.

Newest Gadgets of 2018

Technology is swiftly evolving and it continues over time. Here are some predicted gadget trends that might happen in 2018.

Hand holding smartphone with media icons

1. Bigger screens

People were used to 3-inch screen phones in the past but it keeps on getting bigger and bigger. For now, there are smartphones which have 7-inch screens and they won’t stop there.

2. AI Capable Mobile Phones

Smart speakers are part of the trend this year. With developers working on them, the feature is expected to become better than last year.

3. Powerbank Smartphones

Why carry a bulky powerbank with you when you can just use your smartphone as a powerbank for your friends? Phones with big battery capacity can do wonders. As long as the phone which will be used as a powerbank is OTG capable, then you’re good to go.

4. Wearable Technology

For this one, we have smart watches. Make a call, send a text message, check email and do other stuffs just by using the gadget. This is very helpful for those peeps who need to be connected with their phones but are too busy to bring one.

These are just some of the possible trends for 2018. Stay tuned for more.