Fuchsia OS: Being Tested By Google on the Pixelbook


With so many developers worldwide, so many OS are launched in different times. One is the Fuchsia OS.

Fuchsia OS to be Tested by Google


Google is a well-known company and it is about to expand more services to its users. They’ve been experimenting with this new operating system for more than a year now. And recently, they are going to test it in Pixelbook.

Created by Google and open-sourced for a developer community to contribute to, Fuchsia is still a mysterious operating system that the search giant hasn’t detailed at all.

The company now released documentation so that developers can use the said OS in Pixelbook.

But since it’ still the experimenting stage, using the OS is still a bit complicated. You would need two machines to host and target Pixelbook in order to run the operating system.

Google was reportedly working on a Pixel laptop that would merge Android and Chrome OS.