We loved a lot of things and games in the year 2017 but let’s talk about Pokémon GO. It’s not a secret that the game had been a worldwide phenomenon last year so why not write a list of things that we loved about it, right?

A List of Reason Why Pokémon GO is Loved by Many

I’ve been an avid fan of this TV Series ever since I was a kid. When Pokémon games went out, I was one of the many peeps who grabbed the different versions of the game.

The Pokémon GO was released. It was better because it was an AR Game which is more challenging and addicting.

But what do we really love about it?

Due to the new update, there are new features added which includes the Unown badge and some new evolution items. These items are Dragon Scale, King’s Rock, Metal Coat, Sun Stone and Up Grade.

The release of Generation II made a huge impact with the game.

Next is Shiny Magikarp.

I only caught one Magikarp during the whole time that I played the game but thise Shiny Pokémon is a must-have. In the original anime, a red Gyrados was the iconic emebodiment of this shiny Pokémon.

Gym Rework and the new Raid System is also a reason why the game is loved by many. Offering a new way to do gym battles, it is quite interesting to see a new dynamic in play.

The raid system is already proven to be a smash hit among casual and hardcore players alike.

Last but definitely not the least, is the weather system and Generation III.

Even myself love this last reason. Having a new weather system makes the game more fun and interesting than before. It takes away the dullness of the game. Sadly, we only have two kinds of weather in the country so it’s not much of an exciting experience for me.

The blend of real and AR world is what makes Pokémon GO special. The addition of the weather system is an amazing way to introduce a new gameplay mechanic which is overwhelmingly influential.

The Generation II release is well planned and executed as well.

Every week, we are greeted with new Pokémons and shines to add to our growing collection.