JVC Kenwood has announced earlier this week that it will be showing off a new product come CES 2018. The company’s new line of products under JVC band features wireless connectivity. These products are Wi-Fi enabled for Android Auto use.


This means that JVC Kenwood’s product can be used to connect wirelessly to Android Auto. The company’s new products are now part of several line-ups of products for Android Auto. Unknown to many, Android Auto has been around for several years already.


Back in 2015, Android Auto has arrived in the global market redefining entertainment in cars. When it first hit the market, users are pleased to use such product. This is because they can actually just plug their smartphones directly into a head unit. By doing this, users can download the apps.


Fast forward to 2018; this will be changed because Android Auto is now wireless. Tech analysts claim that JVC Kenwood’s will revolutionize this when it would introduce several Android Auto units during the CES event next week. It was learned that one Android Auto unit would carry the JVC brand while the other is Kenwood.


JVC Kenwood’s Android Auto features


What we know so far is that both the Android Auto units will feature a 1,280 x 720 pixel HD display, offering a crisp visual resolution. Apart from this, both units are expected to support the Cupertino-based Apple CarPlay. However, it is not clear whether it would have a wireless functionality. Though in the past we have seen several units of wireless CarPlay installed in BMW models.


In addition to the wireless in-car audio gear, we are also expecting that JVC Kenwood would be showing off 4K video cameras ranging from pro models to consumer units, among others.