YouTube Needs Cleaning Up and Google is Hiring People To Do The Task

YouTube Needs

Google: YouTube Needs To Be Cleaned Up

YouTube needs cleaning up because it is full of offensive videos and comments. Google decided to go on a hiring spree to clean it up.

To reduce the amount of “problematic content” on its video platform, the company is on a hiring spree. Aside from recruiting thousands of reviewers, they will also introduce tougher restrictions on advertising.

Google aims to have 10,000 reviewers by 2018 who will work this problem out. Because of contents that people find offensive and violating policies, this is a must.

Because of the openness of the site, some people use it to mislead, manipulate or harm other users. Google might even shut down the comment section because of offensive comments.

YouTube is undergoing a series of controversies because of this problem. Yes, they have restrictions, but the comment section is very open to users.

There are users who insult people, they manipulate others and sometimes even give link to offensive videos and/or hacking sites.

The site also has policies but there are also ways to pass through a series of tests. For example, there are videos that are only meant for 18 years old and above users. Yes, they make you login to your google account but anyone can make their age older than the truth.

I guess this clean up drive is a good idea to avoid cyberbullying as well.