Cometdocs: Top Choice for Free and Hassle-Free Conversion of PDF Files


Like everyone else, I was skeptical about the Cometdocs PDF Converter Ultimate app promise of free and hassle-free file conversion. The net is cluttered with online file converters that fall short of expectations because files are only partially converted, contain gibberish, reformatted or have a ubiquitous watermark. It is frustrating when Office documents can be converted to pdf with ease but needs Adobe’s expensive Acrobat software to edit extensively. If can be frustrating if you have a Publisher document to edit but no Microsoft Office to open it, and worse if you need to view a DWG document and no AutoCAD software to open it with.

What to do when you want a simplified desk free of numerous readers and unnecessary productivity apps that slow you down? With Com etdocs, there’s no need to re-create documents, especially when formatting matters. Conversion is now a snap, offline or online. Cloud-friendly, free, and safe. What’s not to like especially when you can crossover from Microsoft, iOs, and Android programs? Cometdocs is a robust program that will save you time and dollars as it converts almost any pdf file less than 30 Mb to:


  • Word
  • Excel
  • Powerpoint
  • Text
  • Powerpoint
  • DWG (AutoCAD)
  • HTML
  • BMP
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • TIF
  • ODP
  • ODS and
  • ODT/Open Office.

I tried it out for a spin and converted a complicated pdf full of figures, tables, and pictures. Using the web, I converted it and was given a download link within a few seconds. I downloaded the file in Powerpoint pptx format and was able to retrieve a complete, editable document free of annoying watermarks! Unlike the converted docs processed by other online software, there were very few glitches (this was about 80 pages long) which were so minor that it only needed some tweaking with spacing. Photos were about 90% the resolution of the original. The clarity of the edges was almost the same and the color fidelity was good. If you are looking at creating a Powerpoint presentation from a lengthy and complicated presentation on the fly, then Cometdocs is definitely worth trying out. Thumbs up to HTML and image conversions which were flawless!

Convert completely and on the fly from:

  • Harddrive or gadget storage files
  • Cloud (Google etc.)
  • Dropbox


You have the option to download and install the Cometdesktop app to your desktop. One-click operation lets you convert without opening your browser. An API subscription for only $9.95 allows the creation of or conversion of PDFs from other formats from your own application.

This productivity app with an iOS, Windows, and the Android version has been around since 2009 so what’s new?

  • free document sharing, transfers, and storage (2GB); individual file limit for storage is 100Mb
  • conversion right from your tablet or gadget (perfect integration of web, mobile, and desktop)
  • free and easy conversion of files from all online services such as Gmail. Google Drive, OneDrive, and iCloud; maximum size for conversion is 30 Mb
  • edit scanned images using its powerful OCR technology and
  • API Cloud Conversion.

All software manufacturers will reassure users of security but netizens know how to take that with a grain of salt. With a powerful free app, why buy? For subscription that starts with $9.95 per month, you get:

  • multiple uploads
  • 10 GB online storage
  • 150 MB individual file limit
  • Document preview
  • OCR Conversions
  • 30 days transfer link availability and
  • multiple transfers (up to 10 people at a time).