weMessage is the new app that is making abuzz on the internet nowadays. This is because the new app may soon change how Apple and Android users communicate with each other. Hence, Apple’s messaging app iMessage is now closer to be used in Android powered smartphones.


Android users will really appreciate using the weMessage because of the possibility that Apple’s iMessage may soon be working on Android devices. If such case is possible, then Android users can use Apple’s native messaging app regardless of the device’s platform.


Who developed the weMessage app?


For some, weMessage app is a miraculous app that cures the incompatibility platform issues between Android and Apple devices. But unknown to many, the messaging app was developed by Roman Scott.


Scott is a 16-year-old tech guy who is behind the weMessage. His messaging app, in fact, drew public attention because of its usability and practicability.


How does weMessage app works?

In a Reddit post, Scott explains how does weMessage app works. The weMessage app developer has published the app in the Google Play Store. His app has gained popularity among Android users because of promised functionality.


Using the app, Android users can use iMessage on their smartphones or tablets. Scott’s messaging app came into existence because of what he claims the “inability of people on Android to use iMessage’s ecosystem.” This means that his app attempts to close the game between Android and Apple since weMessage is relying completely on Android-powered devices.

weMessage has two software—the Android-based app and the weServer, which is the messaging server. To allow users to use the messaging app, Apple users should install the weServer on their Apple devices.

The weServer plays a crucial role on this because it bridges the Android device and the Apple device. The weServer acts a messaging server and transmits the message to iMessages to and from the Android-powered devices.


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