Twitter Now Supports Third-Party Apps in Authentication

Twitter now

Hackers are everywhere. They take away people’s passwords without them knowing. They take your back account and pin numbers. Now, Twitter now added a new feature which is connected to your social media account’s security.

Twitter Now Has a New Security Feature

The social media now added a new Security feature to protect their users. Twitter announced that they will let their millions of users add an extra layer of security for their accounts.

Installing a third-party application for your two-way authentication is the new feature. You can add Google Authenticator, Duo Mobile and the like.

Instead of SMS to authenticate your login from a new device, these third-party apps are the biggest help that you can get.

Since SMS-based Authentication use codes, it’s possible for them to be intercepted which may result to hacking of the account. Now, this kind of authentication is safer.

With third-party apps like Google Authenticator, the codes disappear in about 30 seconds, making it a more secure way to verify your identify and access your account.