Facebook Ads Which Target Young Workers: The Focus of Lawsuit

Facebook ads

Facebook Ads: Are they safe?

Advertisements — we can find them everywhere. In social media sites, ads are also present. Facebook ads for example are appearing everywhere.

Advertisements are informative posts. They can be about jobs, promos and a lot more. Sometimes, there are also spammy and offensive ads which can be cleaned up.

But the US government is now focused on a certain type of ad.

Discrimination is very common nowadays. Whether it’s about your race, age, gender, etc. There are certain ads now which target younger workers, which is considered as age discrimination according to a lawsuit which was filed recently.

This kind of discrimination denies great job opportunities to potential workers who are not qualified because of this kind of age requirement. Let’s face it, there are so many great workers who are jobless because of this requirement which is very unfair. Why? because there’s a possibility that they can work better than younger ones.

Having this kind of requirement discourages older workers because they’ll just think that they will lose their jobs due to being replaced by younger ones.

The lawsuit is the latest example of criticism leveled at Facebook for so-called micro-targeting, a process that has allowed advertisers to choose who sees their ads based on age, interests, race and even such characteristics as whether they dislike people based on race or religion.

Facebook, on the otherhand, which is not a defendant stated that it does not engage in age discrimination.

The lead attorney who handles the case said that companies rely heavily on social media for job recruitment. This greatly affects the older job seekers. Which is why this lawsuit is being focused on — for equality and non-discrimination.