Tech Gadgets: Top 5 for Work and Home Integration in 2018


Upcoming tech gadgets that make work, travel and home integration a breeze look like they came straight from a Star Wars setting. From levitating moon-like cameras that monitor intuitively, to your janitor-on-demand, these are the tech innovations that are predicted to mainstream and secure a niche in our modern lifestyle. Whilst big corporate names like G.E. and Samsung dominated the field in the past, this supremacy is now challenged by upstarts (funded mostly on Kickstarter and Indiegogo) and net giants like Amazon and Google. Living the smart life is incomplete without these in 2018:

Moon by 1-Ring

Detect motion and be that omnipresent eye with a 360ยบ vision from where you are! Stable levitation and wireless charging ensure that you don’t miss a beat. You control levitation and camera angle with a simple swipe. Equipped with a more sensitive CMOS, it can capture more details even in low-light situations. It has 2 microphones that can pinpoint where the sound is coming from. The camera automatically adjusts its field of view enabling you to see where the action is. There is a noise-cancellation feature, a third microphone, and a loudspeaker. So wherever you are, you can hear, see, be seen and heard. Moon is Z-Wave Plus, ZigBee, and Bluetooth smart. But do you know that it has temperature, CO2 humidity, and light integration and can communicate with appliances like your air-conditioner and television with its IR Blaster? Get the Moon camera unit only for $149 at an early-bird 40% off and $349 for the Super Galaxy Package. Peace of mind – you got it!


The venture is touted as “The World’s Most Versatile Camera…that you can wear, mount, conceal, and take on adventures”. It is the wearable gadget that strikes the fancy of anyone who wants mobility, convenience, reliability, and excellent quality. Clipped on to just about anything, it has a rotating head that can capture photos and video from many angles and stream it live. It is a body cam, car camera, covert camera, and night vision camera.

Venture, an Indiegogo product has many accessories that can expand its range and uses. The basic model with built-in wifi and microphone sells at $169 (or 54% off) ships anywhere in the world. You can now monitor and record meetings discreetly and snap inspiring ideas while on the go.

Neato Robot Vacuum

GenerationX grew up with the humming of a Hoover. But times have changed, including how we keep our homes spotless. These days, it’s easy to erase the presence of mud and dirt trekked into almost any kind of flooring. Hands-free operation means that we no longer have to bend to get to hard-to-reach areas under bulky furniture. The Neato Robot Vacuum is mash-up of home essentials such as the mop, broom, and vacuum cleaner.

It is self-driving, voice-activated, laser-directed, and intelligently maneuvers corners. The Neato is so smart that it detects boundaries – meaning it will never roll down the stairs or awkwardly vacuum “off-limits” areas. But it will vacuum all traces of hair, dander, fur, and everything else meant for the bin. It’s methodical, knows where it has been, and how much work remains! Neato is not cheap at $799 but this a “housekeeper” that never talks back nor takes a day off!


Freecube is modular, stackable, and customizable. It is compatible with Alexa and attaches seamlessly using magnetic connectors. More than a speaker, it is a wireless charger, USB power charger and more. Everyone always needs power and if you are in the habit of “running out” in the midst of important meetings or crucial calls, this product is a must-have because it has a 2200mAh battery, as well. The speaker module is high quality and can be used for demanding tasks like conference calls and for listening to your personal music collection using the integrated microSD card slot. The LED module is convenient when you are away from your desk and need light.

For $99. it is a simple device that keeps your gadgets connected and all your cables conveniently in one place.

Echo Dot (with Alexa, your digital personal assistant)

If you have under $50 to spare (and even less when on sale), it is the best starter gadget you can buy. Alexa, the “personal assistant” that comes with it keeps you company from waking you up in the morning to bidding you good-night and turning off your lights when you’re ready to call it a day. With Echo Dot, you can control, hands-free your home or work environment with voice commands. Play music by connecting to sites like Spotify or through speakers and headsets connected by Bluetooth, control smart devices like lighting and appliances from names like Philips, Samsung or Sony, get information, send and receive messages, adjust your ambient temperature, and even call Uber for you.

The Amazon Echo Dot has already been rolled-out in over 80 countries with international versions relying on English, German, and Japanese languages. It is intuitive, robust and intelligent – Alexa can even be funny! It is predicted that about 55% of homes will likely own a smart speaker by 2022. Amazon’s competitors include Google, Microsoft, Xiaomi, and Baidu.