Kleverness: The Future of Smart Lighting


Lighting, the Kleverness way will make soon make flicking the switch a nostalgic experience. While it is true that the introduction of smart bulbs in 2015 is a far cry from Thomas Edison’s 1878 patent, Kleverness will make us view it in a whole new light. We can now automate precisely how, where, and when we want light without expensive rewiring or the addition of multiple gadgets. It can even be done remotely. In fact, because this IoT innovation dovetails with our busy lifestyle, it was fully funded at Kickstarter less than 12 hours after its campaign launch in November 2017.

“We engineered Kleverness to have the best features out there, and not require people to change their electrical installations” – Kleverness Inc.

Uniquely Clever Features

Twenty-five years ago we controlled room lights and lampshades with a clap. It would have been convenient if it did not respond to vibration or other noises as well, making it both comical and irritating. It was also dangerous because fixtures could unexpectedly get activated, overheat, and cause fires.

Today, home automation has gotten sophisticated but paradoxically, simple to operate. Installing isn’t rocket science and practically a DIY affair because it does not require re-wiring or special bulbs. Kleverness is a range of products that include the Klever Hub, Klever Switch, Klever Dimmer, and Klever Outlet. It easily fits into most home switch plates and is “European compatible”.

“We took it upon ourselves to design our own system called Kleverness that has all of the functionality I’d been looking for and more.”

Dan Nurko, Co-founder of Kleverness

The AI technology adopted by Kleverness can practically predict your next move and is intuitive. It can sense your GPS and lets you automate lighting for dates and times. You get to control switches, dimmers, and outlets by using hand gestures and activate controls using voice commands. Manage it online through your smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, desktop, and laptop.

Kleverness wins approval because of its functionality and fuss-free installation. You feel safer because the app informs you when a bulb is burnt out or when switches and outlets are out of order. Geofencing also saves you money by turning on the lights only when you are approaching and turning it off when you leave. It can help you monitor energy consumption and dimmers automatically reduce electrical usage. Not only is it smart – it can also save you a lot of money!

Aside from being able to predict your daily routine (e.g. synchronize with your coming home), it can be programmed it to safely turn on and off when you are away on vacation. You don’t have to worry that there are dead spots anywhere because the long-range radio frequency repeaters provide adequate coverage for your home, whatever the size.

Cost and Availability

Kleverness can be pre-ordered at Kickstarter starting from an incredibly low price of $87. Surely, your time, convenience, and safety are far more worth than that! This is just the first among several products that partners Dan Nurko and Alex Fraind intend to launch in the future. We can look forward to money-savers like blinds, thermostats, and security systems conceptualized with comfort, economy, and ease of use in mind. Kleverness just made life better.