Street Fighter: New Characters Revealed for Season 3

Street Fighter

Street Fighter Season 3

Street Fighter has been one of my favorite games since I was a kid. I love Chun-Li ♥ It is an action-packed fighting game which you can play for hours.

It’s been years but Capcom is proud to announce a new addition to their game. Six new characters were announced to be in the Street Fighter V. The addition includes some long-requested fan favorites and two new fighters.

Returning characters include Sakura and Cody who made their debuts in the Alpha series. Sagat and Blanka who has been a part of the game since SF 2 are also back. G, a presidential-looking bearded man and Falke, a new female fighter are the two brand new characters in the game.

Despite revealing the whole lineup for the new season, Capcom will release each character one at a time. Sakura will be released on january 16, 2018 along with the launching of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.

Release dates for the other five are not yet confirmed. But I’m sure that it’ll be worth the wait.

The game is expected to launch in May 2018 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, XBox One and PC. Just a few more months left and we’ll get our hands on this baby.