With Samsung launching new phones every year, it’s not a shock to have some flaws. Many users reported that some Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phones do not accept charging when drained. So what does Samsung have to say about this?

Issue with Some Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Phones


So you had a long and tiring day. You didn’t have a chance to charge your smartphone. You went home and see that your battery is drained. So in other words, your phone’s dead.

You get your charger and charge your phone only to find out that it’s not charging. Now, how frustrating is this?

It’s now just over a year since the company killed off the Galaxy Note 7. If any of you remember, it’s the device wherein the batteries exploded.

This is the reason why Samsung made a massive check on their faulty batteries but had this kind of issue instead.

It’s not as dangerous as the issue with the Galaxy Note 7, but its still bad enough for users to not just leave it be.

Imagine your battery reaching 0% and switches off. Then when you charge it, it doesn’t do anything.

Samsung is well aware of the issue and they announced that they would be replacing affected devices on a case to case basis.