Twenty three days left and it’s the year 2018. So before 2017 ends, let’s have a recap about the most downloaded apps for this year.

Mobile apps are not just for display. They are also essential when it comes to our daily tasks like communication. We have pre-installed apps in our smartphones like Gmail and YouTube but what about the downloaded ones?

With Google Play Store and iTunes filled with so many apps, which of them topped the list? Here are the most downloaded mobile apps for the year 2017:

Most downloaded apps

1. Facebook

Surprised? I guess not. Facebook is a social media site which lets us share photos, videos and posts to people around the world. It is the most used app in our era because it makes wonders.

You want to be updated with your friends’ lives, go to Facebook. Want to know the latest trend, see Facebook posts. The list of things to do just goes on and on.

2. Messenger

Years ago, Facebook Messenger was not used as much as today. It’s because Facebook doesn’t “require” its users to download the Messenger app in order to chat and make video calls. This app is okay but it uses up more storage from our phones which is what I consider the downside of it.

3. Instagram

Have those professional-looking photos and want to share it to the world? Instagram can help you with that, Limited to only photos and videos, this app is still great for sharing media files. You can still protect your privacy because of its protection-feature.

4. Twitter

Want to flood posts because you’re going through something? Twitter is the perfect place for you. The tweets are limited when it comes to number of characters but it’s a great app when you want to post minute after minute. Even every 5 seconds! People won’t get tired of you ranting on your Twitter page.

5. Skype

As written in my previous article (see link here: Skype is mostly considered as the best video calling app. With many useful features and less bugs, this is a done deal.

6. Fruit Ninja

Okay, I admit. I also downloaded this app twice this year just because I changed phones. This is a great game and it will help you pass time without being bored. With many game plays to choose from, this is definitely a hit.

7. Clean Master

This app helps you clean up space and cache to help optimize battery usage and RAM as well. It also serves as an anti-virus for those users who are fond of downloading akp’s from unknown sites.

8. Go SMS Pro

Some people want their smartphone customized just like me. Go SMS Pro is one of the best customizing app. For me, I wanted to have an app wherein I can change a contact’s message alert tone. I use Samsung J2 Prime and the only thing I can change is the ringtone and not the message alert tone. This app helped me. Now, I know which person texted me just by hearing the alert tone. Plus, I was able to purchase VIP for 12 months for free so the app doesn’t have ads and I can choose a lot of themes.

9. Candy Crush Saga

Remember this Facebook Game? It can now be played offline. Still as colorful as it once was and very delicious to play. This app will help you get through a boring day. With continuous updates, this will get you busy for hours — or days.

10. PicsArt Photo Studio

Filters, collages, sticker — this app is perfect for your needs. So you want a perfect profile picture for your social media account but your phone’s camera is a bit low in quality. This app can help you enhance photos whichever way you want.

Apps are flooding the scene but it’s up to you to choose which apps are the best.