Social media Facebook is now pushing to publish more videos to its users globally. The company seeks a major revamp on its news feed. Facebook said its news feed will now prioritize video creators and publishers for Watch, Digiday reported on Friday.

With this, Facebook users expect that the social media’s algorithm will be updated. The algorithm will either show more videos on the news feed. Or users can seek out to watch the pushed videos. In the same fashion, Facebook users can also pick the Discover Tab inside the platform’s Watch section.

Also, Facebook’s Watch section will also prioritize the various shows that users want to watch regularly. Users also noticed that even inside the Watch, the company is also pushing contents from its selected partners. Facebook partners create longer episodes which offer a huge slice of the budget for publishing.


Does facebook update to push more videos?


Meanwhile, in a Facebook blogpost, the social media giant said that the update in its news feed would likely improve the public distribution of videos owned by selected creators and publishers. It also added that the company would continue to bring videos. These videos would continuously engage Facebook users’ friends and communities, in general.

“We also want to make it easier for show creators to reach their existing community. For example, if your Show Page is linked to your existing Page, we will enable you to distribute episodes directly to all your followers,” said Maria Angelidou-Smith, product management director of Facebook.

She added that the Facebook update on its news feed would help video creators grow their audience for new shows while connecting more people through contents that are interesting to them.

“This is something many show creators have been asking for, and we will continue to improve the experience of creating and managing shows,” Angelidou-Smith explained.