Search giant Google’s Android applications will be finally expanding with the company’s Chromebook. However, the company has yet to deal with the limitations of these Android apps have on Chrome OS. In fact, Google has yet to fix the flaws found in Chrome OS.


Chrome OS and its limitations


Since Google launched the Android apps on Chrome OS, one of the flaws spotted is the limitation that that apps pause when these apps are not in focus. This limitation was not revealed when Google announced that Android apps would be coming to Chrome OS during this year’s I/O.


At first, many thought that the idea is extremely powerful, but later it eroded the simplicity of Google’s operating system. For tech users, they claim that Google obviously grafter all the Android apps on Chromebooks. Going back to the main issue, it really annoys users like those Android apps that use real-time data.


But there’s a little hope on this. The search giant is planning to fix the issue after it was discovered. The Chrome OS 64 is now available but on the beta channel. The Chrome 64 allows Android apps to run smoothly by flipping them even if you are not using these apps.


Also, this development is really interesting to note because Google is now focusing on multitasking. Multitasking in the operating system platform will allow users to do more tasks smoothly. Google is also bringing into the platform the “split view” option at the same time.

Check the video below: