Amazon Rockets Holiday Sales With Prime


Amazon merrily rang up sales this Christmas undoubtedly fueled by Prime’s promise of free 2-day, one day, same-day shipping, ultra-fast delivery, and two-hour delivery. In a world that puts a premium on time, it makes perfect sense and cents to simply order online and have the goods delivered to your doorstep as expected. Amazon is a shopaholic’s dream come true because of the dazzling array of goods, side-by-side product or brand comparisons, and awesome mark-downs on lightning deals you can’t find in physical stores at the mall. Users of the Prime app this season ballooned by 70% globally with over four million sign-ups in a single week.

“Since Day One we have obsessed with what we believe our customers care about – incredible deals and low prices, fast and free shipping, and a wide selection of top products. And we continue to provide all three, all the time.”

– Jeff Wilke, CEO Worldwide Consumer


Amazon’s own goods, in particular, Alexa-enabled smart products sold in the ten’s of millions, leaving Google’s and Microsoft’s AI devices in the dust. Small businesses and entrepreneurs were also big winners with about 140 million products ordered globally. Amazon’s Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote topped sales across manufacturers and products, but devices and equipment that made home-life more-convenient were big winners too! The TP-Link® New Smart Plug Mini, compatible with Amazon Alexa and requires no hub enjoyed unprecedented sales as it a piggy-backed on the number of Alexa products sold. The Fire TV stick doubled its number of users and remained as the top streaming media player in the U.S., U.K., Germany, and Japan. If you’ve ever scratched your head over incomprehensible instructions, you can relax now. Amazon makes it so easy to bundle your Alexa device with your Fire TV Stick with helpful instructions on a support page.

  • Customers worldwide shopping on the Amazon App increased nearly 70% this holiday season.
  • More than 1,400 electronics products were ordered per second on a mobile device this holiday season.
  • customers purchased enough Instant Pot pressure cookers this holiday to make more than nine million bowls of chili at once (the plane can hold over 10,000 pots).

While Kindle celebrated its 10th year, it was actually the Fire Edition (kid’s tablet) that well, fired parents’ imagination by almost tripling last year’s figures. But not all wishes come true as the Echo Dot and Button sold out early. For AR toy, film, and ebook lovers, it’s the merriest season with Star Wars Droid Inventor Kits, Elf on prime video, and the Nora Roberts’s book, Year One among the most popular. For an unlikely trio of Holiday bestsellers, there’s Troll, the Walking Dead videos, and Harry Potter Kindle books – looks like 2017 was a very “unreal” year in the hearts of buyers.

“The forecast that online shopping will rise to over one-quarter of all retail driven largely by the appeal of super fast delivery opportunities for interacting with the world without having to be physically present is increasing rapidly” – Stephen Hawking

In anticipation of more sales, Amazon has brought AR into its future operations by acquiring KIVA, a robotics firm for $800 Million. Tiny robots equipped with multiple sensors and cameras will sashay within the depot picking goods with efficiently and accurately. But for now, this is how Amazon gets you the goods – not by stacking everything in an orderly fashion, but in a random disarray so that more products are within reach so it can “economically pick, pack, and ship”.