Apple TV 4K Now Lets You Choose Video Quality When Watching


Hey there movie fanatics! How are your movie marathons? I hope you’re having a great time watching. I have good news to those who use Apple TV 4K when watching their favorite flicks.

What is Apple TV 4K?

This Apple product lets you watch movies in HDR and play interactive games as well. It supports shows from Netflix, Ted, Bloomberg and so much more. This is a set-top box wherein you just plug it in and turn it on then set your iPhone alongside it.

This is a big help to those consumers with Ultra HD TV but limited applications or channels.

Apple TV 4K

Since it came from Apple, it also has a Siri feature which helps you search for contents quickly and manipulate controls through voice commands. It’s like being the boss and just sit on your couch while commanding your virtual assistant.

It is a big joy for movie fanatics because it makes our movie marathons more enjoyable. I mean, who would want to watch a movie with very low video quality, right?

The Downside

But of course, everything has its downside. Netflix and other HD supporting apps are compatible with Apple TV 4K but of course, the better the video quality is, the higher the price.

Watching HDR movies and TV shows will not let you buy a standard plan which is low-cost. But don’t worry movie fans! Apple now updated their product and it has enabled Match Content in its settings.

This gives you the control whether to watch a movie or series in HDR mode or not. Wicked? I know right.

So if you’re an iPhone user who loves movies, this is a great deal for you (Sorry Android users, we don’t have this).