Avid players of Pokémon Go will soon be getting a game enhancement via an update. Both Niantic and The Pokémon Company announced earlier this week that Apple iOS users would have the support for Apple ARKit.

This means that iOS players of Pokémon Go will expect a major enhancement of the game’s augmented reality. Called as the “AR+” feature, the company said that the update is expected to be available with players using iOS 11 with iPhone 6s and latest Apple iterations.

What is ARKit?

With the announcement of the game’s update, many are still clueless of what is ARKit? The ARKit was announced earlier this year by the Cupertino-based company at WWDC.

The ARKit is seen to improve the Pokémon Go’s augmented reality technology. This includes, among others, the ability of the game to fix a specific point in space.

“This is our first step toward making AR capabilities in Pokémon GO even more awesome, opening up the framework for greater AR experiences in the future,” the company said as quoted saying in a report.

Apple said this scaling feature would allow Pokémon Go players to walk up close and move around freely in the space. Aside from this, the update also brings the capability of players to capture any type of creatures in the game.

This works only if a trainer was eventually working close to a creature. However, if a certain trainer could eventually sneak up, then he or she can actually earn an Expert Handler bonus upon capturing the creature.

Meanwhile, citing the same report, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering Craig Federighi shared also about the game’s enhancement, saying “The Pokémon is so real, he’s right there on the ground. As the ball bounces, it actually bounces right there in the real environment. It’s AR like you’ve never seen it before.”

Players can download the game for free via Apple’s iOS App Store.