A List of Games For Your Wishlist on the Upcoming Year 2018

a list

In less than two weeks, we will be welcoming the year 2018. New trends, new people in our lives and of course, new video games to play! You might be asking, what are the upcoming games for next year? Here is a list of must-have games for your video consoles.

A Year Full of Fun and Games

Here are some of the much-awaited video games for you game geeks out there:

1. Harry Potter:Hogwarts Mystery

This is a new RPG for HP fans like me. You’ll be able to play as a Hogwarts student. You’ll need to attend classes and clubs to have a progress in the game. More information about the game can be found in this link: https://technewsgadget.net/2017/12/harry-potter-rpg-announced-to-be-released-on-2018/.

Harry Potter

2. Anthem

A sci-fi shooter from BioWare that casts players into the role of a mercenary tasked with protecting a walled society beset by a variety of threats.

3. Days Gone

Similar to The Walking Dead, a group is set to survive the zombie apocalypse. Users might just hope that the graphics for this one is superb so that it will feel like they’re in a real apocalypse.

4. Marvel’s Spider-Man

Yes! Our friendly neighborhood Spiderman is here! Spidey’s going to swing using his web to our game consoles next year. A link about the details of the games here: https://technewsgadget.net/2017/11/spider-man-ps4-set-released-2018/.



5. State of Decay 2

Focuses more on survival than action and horror, this is a great addition to our list. State of Decay was a great game coming from a company with vision. On the second part of the game, it’s possible to play co-op which can be a big help.

These are just 5 of the bunch of upcoming games for next year. Stay tuned for more games and fun!