The Spider-Man PS4 is set to be Released in 2018!


The Spider is Coming To Town

You heard that right folks! Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is going to dominate the gaming scene on 2018 and that’s next year! Just a few months of waiting and Insomniac Games along with Marvel and Sony Interactive Entertainment are going to release Marvel’s very own Spidey.

Officially called Marvel’s SpiderMan, I’m really looking forward for its release because of the great features that the creators did.

What to Expect from the Spider-Man PS4

Well, who is Spidey without the swinging using his web, right? It’s all part of the game and keep this in mind — the web-swinging is not scripted. It’s physics-based. You Science geeks out there know what this means.

This is also inspired by the Spiderman movie so the scenes and adventures you’ll go through won’t be very different from the movie.

Players might also find some very interesting characters throughout the game so keep your eyes peeled for them.


I just watched the trailer and I can say that the gameplay is superb! The new gameplay demo shows Spidey stalking goons from high atop the rafters, silently picking them off and webbing them up one by one. Seeing Spidey do his acrobatic tactics while swinging from building to building makes this game a must-have.