How to Keep Your Data Secure in 2015


How to Keep Data Secure in 2015

Last year was the worst on record for data breaches globally and there are not many signs that indicate 2015 is going to be a better year for data security.

To help those tasked with protecting sensitive data, Ground Labs has published a summary of the major data breaches in 2014, along with separate guidance on the immediate steps businesses can take to avoid becoming a data breach statistic of 2015.

The summary titled “2014 the Year of the Data Breach? Buckle up for 2015!” briefly covers the four biggest data breach stories of 2014, and provides insights into why 2015 is going to see an increase in data security challenges.

While technology continues to evolve, hackers are also becoming more sophisticated–they are constantly on the hunt for new vulnerabilities to exploit and means by which to steal sensitive personal data that can be monetized on the black market. Ground Labs also warns that new technologies also present new risks that may come at the cost of our own privacy.

The supporting guidance for businesses titled “3 New Year resolutions for Security You Can Actually Keep” is a list of quick and easy fixes readers may take to help them on their path to being more secure.

Hackers are often able to bypass multi-million dollar security systems by abusing simple exploits such as weak passwords or unpatched software, and Ground Labs reminds businesses that while reaching a state of high security can require a sizeable investment, laying the solid foundation for good data security is relatively simple. Any size company, even those with large security teams, will also benefit from re-focusing on basic security approaches recommended within the published guidance.

“Many of the attacks used to steal sensitive data are not sophisticated and prey on simple weaknesses that can be easily solved without excessive time or cost,” said Stephen Cavey, the Director of Corporate Development for Ground Labs. “We have issued this guidance set for time-poor businesses and IT staff who can benefit from some quick-wins to improve security and protect their sensitive data, before adopting more advanced and complex defense methods.”

This latest guidance builds on Ground Labs repository of practical business advice for improving data security that can be found