Windows 7 finally overtakes Windows XP market share lead

market share of Microsoft Windows

market share of Microsoft Windows Microsoft’s desktop operating system has been considered as the most popular OS with regards to desktop computing. Majority of the users around the globe uses Windows in their homes and offices.

The previous iteration of Microsoft’s OS, the Windows XP, has been known to be one of the most used operating systems. Thus, it is considered to be the most popular OS around.

Now, Windows 7, the latest Microsoft OS, has overtaken the Windows XP as the most used operating systems, this according to Net Applications who surveyed Microsoft users and their August report.

According to Net Applications, Windows 7 had a 42.76% market share, slightly higher than the 42.52% that the Windows XP has. Windows Vista, which Microsoft thought they could replace Windows XP, has only a 6.15% share.

Mac operating systems like the Mac OS X 107 has a 2.45% market share while the MAC OS X 10.6 had a 2.38% share.

It is surprising to note that Microsoft has 92% of the market in the operating systems race when it comes to desktop computing. This includes operating systems installed on laptops and netbooks.

Windows 7 had to work 3 years to finally overtake the lead that Windows XP had on them.

Do you think Windows 8 can achieve this faster than Windows 7?