LG Splendor to be released in the US

US Cellular to rebrand Optimus L7 to LG Splendor

LG Splendor to be released in the USThe LG Optimus L7 was not able to hit the American market. Were you disappointed with that news? I don’t think so.

But then again, the South Korean tech firm is going to release a device much like the Optimus L7 in the United States. Called the Splendor, it is essentially the Optimus L7 with only a different name.

The Splendor runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and has a 4.3 inch screen size. With a 1 GHz processor (the Optimus L7 has a slower processor) it is quite fast and reliable. The best thing about the Splendor is its NFC capability.

The Splendor also has a neat 5 MP rear facing camera. Neatly placed below it at the back portion of the device are two small openings for the speaker.

It also comes preinstalled with Amazon apps, a mobile office suite and other Google applications.

But does it shout get me when you see it? The device is not that flashy, so expect for it not to be an eye candy.

The lone carrier which carries the LG Splendor is US Cellular and they are offering the device for only $80 after sending a mail-in rebate.

Image Source: androidguys.com

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