Google executive detained in Brazil

YouTube video cause Google official to be detained

YouTube video cause Google official to be detained

In a rather shocking tale of trying to curb down mass media, a Google executive from Brazil was apprehended by police officials after the company’s video sharing site failed to take down a video allegedly attacking a mayoral candidate.

The video, according to Brazilian officials, violated electoral law in the country.

According to a Google spokesperson, “Google is providing clarification to legal authorities.” This after their most senior executive was detained by police.

This is the first time in Brazil that Google’s executives were placed on the spotlight after a member of YouTube posted a video on their site.

The video in question showed a mayoral candidate in a montage saying, “What an idiot – give him an F!”

According to the Google, “Google believes that voters have a right to use the internet to freely express their opinions about candidates for political office, as a form of full exercise of democracy, especially during electoral campaigns.”

Google has been facing this dilemma over member uploads that are defamatory to institutions or individuals.

The Islamic world is up in arms due to the Innocence of Muslims which has been posted on their site.

Is Google responsible for all the uploaded videos in their site?

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