Pack your iPhone with more power with the iExpander

extra battery for your iPhone

extra battery for your iPhone

Ever wished your iPhone 4S or new iPhone 5 could have more features like more memory and battery life? If you’re an avid movie buff and love to save movies on your iPhone, chances are that your iPhone’s built in memory would not suit your preference, although the 32GB is enough for some, but it still is not for others.

Well, the iExpander might be the gadget that is right for you.

The iExpander is a gadget that will add more power to your iPhone. It adds extra battery life to your iPhone so you don’t need to worry about those long days and at the same time, it has a microSD card slot that is compatible up to 64GB.

It also improves your iPhone’s built in camera. The iExpander has a LED flash that can make your videos and photos look more bright perfect for those low light situations.

Unfortunately, the iExpander will make your phone bigger. But that may not be an issue, since it will boost your battery life and your phones features per se.

That’s the only catch here. That it makes your phone much bigger.

The iExpander is compatible with the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and the new iPhone 5. Are you considering buying it?

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