Some mobile phone owners will pick up a call during intimacy

Intimacy in Bed

Intimacy in Bed

Being intimate with someone requires your full attention. How hurtful could it be when you discover that your partner is reaching for his mobile phone in the height of intimacy?

Well, British mobile company Vodafone did a research among 2,000 British adults regarding this and they found out that a number of individuals do answer calls or texts in the middle of an intimate activity.

Vodafone’s study says that about 33% of those surveyed said that they would answer their mobile phones while in the act. The study also said that 51% of the respondents said that it’s alright to answer a call during a wedding and 54% were ok with the idea of picking up a call during a romantic dinner.

In addition to that, 57% said that they are willing to pick up a call whilst in the john.

The study also included question regarding how many contacts one has on their smartphones. The number ranges from 1 to 50. But individuals only frequently contact with 5 to 10 individuals. About 80% of those surveyed said they keep numbers in their mobile phones that they never will come in contact with.

Have you picked up a call in the midst of an intimate moment?