LinkedIn hits 10 million members in UK

LinkedIn members

LinkedIn members reach 10 million in UK! LinkedIn may not be as popular as Facebook in regards to members, but LinkedIn must be doing something right as they have stuck in the social networking race for quite a while.

LinkedIn currently has about 175 million members worldwide, a far cry from Facebook’s.

The business social network revealed that there are now 10 million members that reside in UK, which means 4 out of every 5 professionals have now signed up to their services.

According to data released by LinkedIn, there are 406,850 LinkedIn members who have company directors as their designations. About 533,641 members on the other hand see themselves as business owners. Veterinarians number 18,750 while 50,496 are teachers. Only 130 sailors listed their profession.

LinkedIn European Managing Director Ariel Eckstein said, “Reaching 10 million members in the UK shows that skilled workers believe our community is vital to their careers. Every day, our members are adding information to their profiles, sharing important views and insights, connecting to one another, building their networks and getting access to a world of potential contacts, business partners, investors, employers and employees.”

LinkedIn members in UK are mostly found in London, Birmingham, Reading, Edinburgh and Manchester.

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