LG: Optimus G will sport the “world’s best camera”

world's best camera

LG boasts about Optimus G, having world's best camera Forget the 41MP Nokia PureView’s camera as South Korean tech firm LG brags that their latest Optimus G is going to feature the “world’s best camera.”

The LG Optimus G is said to carry with it a 13MP camera in some countries while others will get an 8MP variant.

In a video, LG claims that their LG Optimus G line will have the best camera in the world. It also said that the camera of the LG Optimus G will sport “High Accuracy PKG technology from LG Innotek” which enables it to be small and boasts of better accuracy compared to other cameras.

Hyeong-cheol Moon director of Optical Solution Business of LG Innotek said that the LG Optimus G is “the world’s best ultra compact and ultra slim camera”.

Although he said that the device’s 13MP camera is the highest pixel camera on any smartphone, a lot of individuals were dumbfounded as Nokia’s PureView 808 packs a 41MP cam.

But as what they say, the megapixel count of a camera isn’t all that matters as the hardware of the camera also means a lot to image quality.

The LG Optimus G also packs a 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S$ Pro processor similar to the Samsung Galaxy S III.

It also boasts of a 4.7 inch display and LTE and NFC technology.

Who has the best camera then? LG or Nokia?

Image Source: gsmarena.com