iPhone-connected bike gives you all the courses in your home

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A bike that is connected with your iPhone Love to shed those excess fats that you are currently trying to hide from view but just hate to crash the gym or go outdoors to try to sweat those unwanted bulges?

There are now more than a handful of devices out there in the market that could surely help you with this problem of yours. The only question is, are you willing to try and continue on with your program until you become fit? That is the question that one should really consider.

Wahoo Fitness has released their latest device that can help you with this problem, if only you’d let them.

The Fitness device developer has released their KICKR Power Trainer. The latter is the first ever iPhone-connected bike trainer that was developed to give you a realistic road ride in the confines of your own home.

The KICKR Power Trainer connects with your iPhone with its Bluetooth and ANT+ technology. This allows you to increase or decrease resistance while you’re paddling. So if you want to have more challenges, then increase the resistance and watch as you sweat to a healthy living.

These resistance adjustments allow the paddle to replicate road courses such as climbing, coasting, rolling hill and others.

The KICKR Power Trainer will be available in the US starting this November.

Image Source: njuice.com