iPhone 5 sets pre-order sales record

sales for iPhone 5

sales for iPhone 5 As the day died down and the smoke cleared, Apple was stocked with pre-orders for their new iPhone 5.

Greatly exceeding their initial forecast, Apple had about 2 million iPhone 5 pre-bookings in just 24 hours after it was unveiled.

The Cupertino based company’s shares rose to $700 per share gaining about 22% in just 3 and ½ months.

The company said that pre-orders greatly exceeded the current supply but quickly informed those who ordered that some would be receiving their orders as planned but some would be receiving theirs next month.

The previous record for pre-order sales of an iPhone is the 1 million booking of the iPhone 4S.

This is a great sign for Apple as the year is closing and the Holiday season is looming. This could be a huge quarter for company and could set records.

Barclays analysts Ben Reitzes said, “The pace of this iPhone 5 roll-out is the fastest in the iPhone’s history and points to a big December quarter.”

AT&T has also said that the iPhone 5 is the fastest selling iPhone they have ever offered to their subscribers.

Verizon and Sprint on the other hand are also having difficulty in delivering their iPhone preorders, as the two companies are also going to have delays in delivering the new device to their owners.

Image Source: news.cnet.com