Asha 311 by Nokia: Beauty is not only skin deep

Nokia unveils Asha 311

Nokia unveils Asha 311

Nokia has been struggling recently even with the release of their Lumia line. What they thought could be their savior ended up being just another release from the Finnish company.

Although they have not been very successful with their Lumia line of smartphones and the PureView, Nokia has still their feature phone Asha line of devices, which has been a relief of some sort for the company.

Nokia has not closed the chapter on their Asha line of devices. Some may call them as “dumb” phones, but individuals still purchase them and Nokia has seen massive success in this market.

Nokia is set to release a new device from their Asha line called the Asha 311.

The Asha 311 features a Corning Gorilla Glass with Polarizing filter, 1 GHz CPU with 26 MB of RAM, 3.15 MP rear facing camera with a VGA video recording function, Bluetooth v 2.1, standard microUSB port and Nokia store with about 40 EA games coming with the package for free.

Comparing the Asha 311 to a smartphone of your choice isn’t really ideal, since this was built towards the lower-tier market.

The Asha 311 is a good second or third phone for you since the Asha series of devices from Nokia has been tried and tested.

We can call the Asha 311 simplicity at its finest with a lot of punch!

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