Coca Cola hits 50 million milestone on Facebook

Coca-Cola Facebook fan page

Coca-Cola reached 50 million likes on Facebook Companies have used social media as a means of advertising and as well as a means for disseminating information about their products and services.

Social media is free and the vast grasp that it has all over the world is one of the primary reasons as to why some companies have been placing a lot of efforts lately of social media presence and especially Facebook.

One such company is Coca Cola.

According to the company spokesperson, the beverage giant has already passed the 50 million fan mark on Facebook.

Though it is nothing new to have more than 50 million fans on Facebook, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and other celebrities have hit that mark before, the interesting thing about Coca Cola hitting that mark is that it is the first ever retail brand to do so.

Other famous companies such as Starbucks and Converse haven’t reached the milestone yet.

To celebrate the milestone, Coca Cola launched a new app on their Facebook page.

This app allows their fans to submit ideas for inventions and what causes can Coca Cola’s followers do to improve the world.

Coca Cola will choose one idea and unveil it next year.

Kudos to Coca Cola for hitting the 50 million mark on Facebook.

Are you one of the 50 million?

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  1. Fantastic for Coca-Cola! This is a great milestone for a retail brand and one that a lot of others can strive for!

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