Will there be a Galaxy Nexus ‘S’ – Superior?


The original Galaxy Nexus was just released October last year. So that means it is 10 months old already. If Google is going to follow the Apple strategy of yearly releases, then it is about time for a new Nexus phone to hit the block. The question is which manufacturer will it be?

Many would argue, “No, it can’t be a Samsung! That would be a near monopoly on the Nexus line!” That surely rings true. While we have no say in Google’s business practices, it would seem that OEMs shouldn’t worry too much about the Motorola Google hook up, but rather worry about the budding relationship between Google and Samsung.

From a leaked spec sheet, which was historically accurate in predicting the Samsung Galaxy S3, it would seem that Samsung is planning a ‘refresh’ of sorts to the Galaxy Nexus, but it doesn’t quite feel right, like it is catching up, rather than leading a market to a new age. It would seem it will follow the footsteps of the iPhone 4S, by releasing a Galaxy Nexus Superior, or jokingly named as a Galaxy Nexus S.

The spec sheets outline that the new “Nexus” will still be stuck on a dual core processor. It will apparently be clocked at 1.6 GHz, with the rest of the specifications following that of the Samsung Galaxy S3, apart from the screen size, which will retain the same size as the Galaxy Nexus at 4.65 inches.

What makes the new device even more unlikely is that apparently, the Galaxy Nexus Superior is going to sport a micro SD card slot. Google has previously insisted that they don’t want to put external storage solutions on the Nexus devices, simply because they want to stick to cloud storage solutions like its Google Drive.

Just like everyone else, I feel that this is not a true successor to the Galaxy Nexus. At least, not yet. My take is that it’s Samsung’s “offer”, or a preemptive product, that they plan to push to Google, in hopes that they will be named once more as the Nexus provider. Being named as the Nexus provider is very good for sales. It essentially means you have a product that will be well loved, simply because it will get timely updates from Google directly.

Personally, it might be time for Google to pass the ball to another provider; maybe help out HTC get back on track and produce another Google device, and finally get a Nexus brand. Why? Simply because Motorola is too risky as a choice right now, ASUS just got their chance, Sony seems to be missing in the action, and LG just spouts so many low quality phones at the moment.

That and the fact that HTC has been making beautiful devices on their end, while proving a more “premium” feel than Samsung’s devices, according to user comments.

Still, the ball is in Google’s hands, and they can pass it on to whoever they wish. We just hope that they are not planning to make a ‘refresh’ like the iPhone 4S, and actually give us a brand new device to drool over. Which do you prefer, a Galaxy Nexus Superior, or anything else but that?

Image sources: mobiletecinfo.com, abctrick.net, androidauthority.com