Texting while driving almost killed an Alabama student


An Alabama student who was about to quit texting while driving met a freak accident driving his vehicle off of a ravine, and fortunately for him he escaped with only a bruised ego and some injuries.

The catch was that this student was doing what he swore he wouldn’t do.

Before accidentally driving his car off the cliff, the student was on his smartphone texting a pal with “I need to quit texting, because I could die in a car accident.”

It seemed like he saw his future, as a few moments later the car he was driving in went off the road and fell off a cliff.

Chance Both had a fractured skull, a crushed face, broken neck and suffered traumatic brain injuries.

Texting while driving has caused a number of accidents, resulting in deaths in some cases. Different states have different laws in regards with texting while driving. Even though authorities have tried to cut down and enforce the law, individuals still opt to do this dangerous chore.

TechNewsGadget would like to remind its readers that texting while driving is like driving with an impaired vision. If you’re driving, place your two hands on the wheel and focus on the road and not on your phone. If there is an urgent call, kindly park your vehicle in a safe place. Never text and drive.

Image Source: morrisbart.com