Samsung wants to be all over Windows 8 too

Samsung series 5 all in one pc uses an i3 Ivy Bridge processor built into the display and comes with a mini wireless keyboard and mouse

Lineup of Samsung products featuring Smart TV,Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note, and Samsung Camera Following a very recent defeat in the hands of Apple’s patents, Samsung remains to be very active in business. As they foresee, the loss should affect business as much as Apple would hope, and if anything, the case has brought a spotlight upon Samsung, who is now being considered as a company “big enough” to make Apple shake in its boots.

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Samsung is all over Android. They have created a distinction for themselves in the market, being hailed as the largest and most successful Android OEM around the world, making both smartphones and tablets that rival Apple’s own products. The success of their Galaxy line of products is unparalleled against fellow Android OEMs as well.

The Samsung Omina 7 is a Windows Mobile phone Lest you forget, Samsung does not only deal in Android smartphones. As a tech giant, work on TVs, cameras, home appliances, as well as computers. Yes, they have released their fair share of Windows powered devices as well. Now that Microsoft is aiming to release Windows 8, Samsung wants to be on top of that action as well.

We’re not simply talking about smartphones here, which will eventually come to pass. If anything, we may see Windows powered versions of our favorite Android devices, similar to how they re-purposed several Galaxy phones to run Windows Mobile 7. No, it is certain that Samsung will apply the same business principle for Windows 8 that they have applied for Android. The more, the merrier!

The IFA is expected to be the first to finally witness a whole new lineup of Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and PCs that will soon be running Windows 8, along with the continuation of their Android devices.

In fact, Samsung just couldn’t resist and already launched ahead of time their plans to release 3 new All-in-one PCs which will be focused on making full use of the upcoming Windows 8 desktop platform.

Samsung series 5 all in one pc uses an i3 Ivy Bridge processor built into the display and comes with a mini wireless keyboard and mouse The new Samsung Series 5 and Series 7 devices will all feature 3rd generation Ivy Bridge processor powered CPUs, with wireless keyboards and mice. The CPU will be integrated on the Monitor itself which gets larger as you go to higher level processor.

The highlight of Samsung’s new all-in-one PCs is the fact that the monitor will be a 10-point multitouch monitor. Samsung is certainly promoting touch new way of controlling your PC, while still maintaining support for keyboards and mice. The integrated camera also supports gesture controls, which will certainly come handy. This makes sure that you will use your new Windows 8 powered computer to its full potential.

A poster teaser for a Samsung products that hit to a Tablet Laptop hybridApart from desktop PCs, Samsung intends to blur, if not to completely remove, the difference between a tablet and a laptop by teasing a tablet-laptop hybrid computing device running Windows 8. All will be revealed in the IFA, so stay tuned!

Samsung is already at the top of the Android smartphones and tablets arena. Do you think they have what it takes to take over Windows 8 too?

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