FAA to allow use of mobile phones during flights?

use of cellphones in airplanes

use of cellphones in airplanes

At last, the Federal Aviation Administration will be reconsidering to change their policy with regards to your electronics being used during a flight.

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Unfortunately for those individuals who love to chat with their pals in a boisterous way, the FAA still will not be allowing making or taking calls during a flight.

The FAA will ask from a committee to study the effects of electronics in aircrafts. This is due to the fact that technology nowadays might not cause interference to the communication equipment of the aircraft.

It is said that electronic devices such as cellphones could possibly affect the planes navigational and as well as communication equipment. That is why the FAA has strictly implemented the rule that requires everybody to shut off their electronic gadgets when in flight, though some may be used during the flight, like PSPs, laptops, DVD players and the like.

But the change of the rule may only apply after the group that the FAA has formed finds out that current smartphones have no ability to tamper with any inflight equipment. A certain certification shall be given to a smartphone model that passes the standards.

But can these smartphones be truly used when you’re thousands of feet up in the air during most of the flight?

Image Source: csmonitor.com