Pebble smartwatch is your smartphone from your wrist


Have you ever wondered what strapping our smartphones in our bodies is like? Imagine no more as Pebble is bringing your fantasy to life.

It may not be a smartphone literally, but Pebble is a watch that enables you to sync your Android devices and iPhone. By doing so, this will give you the ability to do functions from your smartphone right on your wrists.

For instance, in Pebble’s Kickstarter page, a video shows a man doing an errand when someone calls him. All he does is to take a peak at his Pebble smartwatch and immediately knows who is calling as the screen flashes the number of the one trying to contact you through your phone. Another video shows a woman jogging and easily switches songs from her iPhone by clicking the Pebble smartwatch.

The Pebble smartwatch’s battery can last up to seven days, has Bluetooth capabilities and has a glare-proof e-paper screen.

Head of operations for Pebble Rahul Bhagat said, “Pebble is a take on wearable technology that aims to better disseminate information through a wrist worn form factor. In many cases, it’s less distracting and provides a more efficient method of getting the information you need rather than having to grasp a phone.”

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