Go retro with the Paparazzo light for your iPhone


Remember those big bulky cameras of the old where flashes had those ginormous bursting bulbs when used? These were once considered the norm of the camera industry and have since been relegated to the history books as the predecessor of today’s high tech cameras.

But the image of you holding this device may still linger bucket list that is why a company is set to let your dreams come true with the Paparazzo Light.

This device can be easily attached to your iPhone 4 and 4S and can be used as a flash for your smartphone. The look and feel may not be like the old cameras, but the design looks like a retro image capturer.

It features a 300-lumen LED that can be adjusted from full brightness to zero. It has both video and photo modes that can supply the perfect lighting for your subject.

This is unlike the lens add-ons for your iPhone. Instead, it helps you light up your subject with an array of adjustments.

A pledge for their Kickstarter of $45 will allow you to receive a black or white version while an additional $10 will get you a chrome version.

If the Kickstarter will be successful then shipment will begin next January.

Image Source: likecool.com