iPad still king of tablet market, but Samsung and ASUS see huge growth


Apple opened the doors for tablet developers when they unveiled their very first iteration of the iPad. Since then, the tablet market has grown leaps and bounds much to the pleasure of big named manufacturers and as well as small startup companies.

The iPad has been the benchmark of the tablet market and sales continue to thrive during the last quarter of 2012. The shipments of Apple’s iPad grew to 17 million during the period, erasing the previous data during the second quarter of 2011, which is pegged at 9.2 million units shipped.

The 17 million shipped units also broke Apple’s record of number of unit shipments during a quarter. Their previous record was 15 million during the latter stages of 2011.

Apple rivals, Samsung and ASUS on the other hand are smiling from ear-to-ear, as the two have seen better year-to-year growth compared to Apple.

Though shipping only 2.4 million tablets during the second quarter of 2011, that increased by 117% from the previous year.

ASUS though shipping only 855,000 units grew by 115% during the same fiscal period.

Total number of tablet shipments during the second quarter of the year was estimated at 25 million units.

The iPad still firmly holds the market with a 68.2% market share.

Image Source: blog.gsmarena.com